– The Forum for Sustainable
logistics systems


Program May 31-June 1st, 2022

09.30 Field Trip (optional):
A City in Motion – Site visit Copperstone Viscaria Mine
11.30 Registration and lunch

Session 1: Key note Session “The Future of Arctic Infrastructure and Logistics”
Chair: Karoline Pettersson, LTU Business
Conference Welcome and introduction

Green transition and new allies- time to prioritize infrastructure
Nils-Olov Lindfors, Regional Councillor Norrbottten

Strong growth in the industry sector requires climate-friendly and efficient transport
Linda Helen Haukland, Executive of Planning and Business Development, Nordland county council

LKAB – transformation towards a sustainable future
Niklas Johansson, Senior Vice President Communication and Climate LKAB

The port of Narvik – the Arctic hub
Børge Edvardsen Klingan, CEO Port of Narvik

The North Bothnia Line, for goods and passengers
Elisabeth Sinclair, Project Manager The North Bothnia Line Group

14.30 Coffee break

Session 2: Political Dimension of Infrastructure issues in Arctic ScanMed
Meeting the Expectations on Cross-Border Infrastructure

A just green sustainable transition requires Nordic cooperation – Joint efforts will strengthen our economies and create jobs
Karianne Bråthen, Member of Parliament Stortinget Norway

The importance of industrial investments and public investments in infrastructure go hand in hand
Mattias Karlsson, Member of Parliament (M)

Teres Lindberg, Member of Parliament The Social Democratic Party

Previous speakers:
Linda Helen Haukland, Nordland county council
Nils Olov Lindfors, Regional Councillor Norrbotten

16.20 Coffee break

Session 3 Workshop: Infrastructure development in Arctic ScanMed – the Regional Perspective
Session Chair: Henric Fuchs, Senior Infrastructure Adviser for Region Västernorrland
Karoline Pettersson, LTU Business

The Swedish Transport Administration – How we develop the infrastructure in Northern Sweden
Annica Lindström, Senior Advisor in Infrastructural planning Swedish Transport Administration, Northern Region.
Nils Ahlm, Strategic Planner in Infrastructural planning Swedish Transport Administration, Northern Region. Business area Market and Planning.

Development of the railway infrastructure in Northern Norway
Thor Braekkan, Director Northern Region Infrastructure BANE Nor

An Insight at the Railway Infrastructure Development in Northern Finland
Kristiina Hallikas, Senior Officer Traffic System Planning, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

18.10 Conclusions – End of day 1
19.00 Dinner



07.45 Registration and coffee

Session 4: Logistical Sustainability and Improved Cooperation
Session Chair: Lotta Rönström, North Sweden European office
Karoline Pettersson, LTU Business

Malmbanan – a vital link towards sustainable growth
Linda Bjurholt, General Manager LKAB Logistics and CEO LKAB Malmtrafik AB

What is Green Industry Without Green Infrastructure?
Henric Fuchs, Senior Infrastructure Adviser for Region Västernorrland

Infrastructure needs in the Tornio River Valley
Geir Varvik, Storfjord kommune (2nd Chair Torne Valley Council)

Seafood through Narvik-region to markets worldwide via Swedish road and rail systems
Tatiana Petrova, Project Manager Northern Axis – Barents Link Project

Panel discussion

10.00 Coffee break

Session 5: Regional business growth through improved logistics

Hannukainen Mining, Toward sustainable Iron-Copper-Gold Mine in Lapland
Jaana Koivumaa, Manager of Hannukainen Mining

Sustainable infrastructure for diversified business

Niklas Sirén, Sustainability Manager Municipality of Kiruna

Railway transport capacity on the Iron Ore Line – The importance of cooperation among users
Thomas Nordmark, Head of Logistics Copperstone Resources

A sustainable world – Freight on railway offer a fossil free solution already today
Fredrik Kangas, Manging Director Kiruna Wagon

11.30 The strategic importance of critical infrastructure for our security of supply
Överste Lars Karlsson, Chef Norra militärregionen

Conclusions: Road map for Improved Arctic infrastructure and Logistics System

Panel: Niklas Johansson, LKAB
Børge Edvardsen Klingan, Port of Narvik
Elisabeth Sinclair, Norrbotniabanan

12.30 End of conference
12.45 Lunch
14.00 Field Trip (optional):
Guided tour to LKABs Visitors Centre